A Few Of The 91 Destinations

Orlando - Florida

Orlando - Florida A vital part of the Orlando area economy is tourism. The Orlando area is home to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and Sea World Orlando. Over 48 million visitors came to the Orlando region in 2004. The convention industry is also critical to the region's econo See more details

Charleston - South Carolina

Charleston - South Carolina Charleston is the oldest city in the U.S. state of South Carolina and is the second largest city in the state. The city of Charleston is located just south of the mid-point of South Carolina's coastline, at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers, which flow tog See more details

Mesa - Arizona

Mesa, Arizona Desert Scenery In the Valley of the Sun, Mesa boasts an assortment of lifestyle and leisure pursuits in high demand by visitors. Embraced by the Sonoran Desert - a playground for sought-after outdoor recreation - here you will find the largest arts and cultural complex in the South- See more details


Aruba Aruba, which has no administrative subdivisions, is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Netherlands, Curaçao, and Saint Maarten. Aruban citizens hold Dutch passports. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate See more details

Phoenix - Arizona

Phoenix - Arizona The Phoenix area is surrounded by the McDowell Mountains to the northeast, the White Tank Mountains to the west, theSuperstition Mountains far to the east, and the Sierra Estrella to the southwest. Within the city are the Phoenix Mountains and South Mountains.  As with mos See more details

Daytona Beach - Florida

Daytona Beach - Florida Daytona Beach is a year-round family-friendly resort area, but could also accurately be called a seasonal town, with large groups of out-of-towners descending upon the city for various events, most notably Speedweeks in early February when over 200,000 NASCAR fans come to See more details

Hershey - Pennsylvania

Hershey - Pennsylvania Best known for world famous HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate, Hershey thrives today on what began as a vision of Milton S. Hershey to build a model town to meet the basic, recreational, and cultural needs of the factory workers. Hershey is not incorporated as a town or city, but See more details

Atlantic City - New Jersey

Atlantic City Because of its location in South Jersey, hugging the Atlantic Ocean between marshlands and islands, Atlantic City presented itself as prime vacation destination and resort town.  The boardwalk of today, now with its planks placed in a unique herringbone pattern, are laid on a See more details

San Francisco - California

San Francisco - California San Francisco is located on the West Coast of the United States at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay within its boundaries. Several islands—Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the adjacent Y See more details

Napa Valley Wine Country - California

Napa Valley Wine Country - California Several microclimates exist within the area due to various weather and geographical influences. The open southern end of the valley floor is cooler during the growing season due to the proximity of San Pablo Bay while the sheltered, closed northern end is oft See more details

How do Travel Vouchers work?

1. You call us and purchase your vouchers, 100-1,000, or more.
2. You run your promotion, advertising a 2 Day 3 Night Mini Vacation as a FREE gift.
3. When the customer makes the purchase they receive the Travel Voucher and it will be valid for 1 year from the day you give it to them.
4. Once customer decides to use the Travel Voucher, they call the phone # on the voucher and they chose a date they want to travel and one of the 91 destinations.
5. When the customer arrives at the minimum 3 star hotel, they will pay only SALES and HOTEL TAX, usually around $20 for the 2 nights.
6. That is all that there is to it. There are NO hidden charges, no time share presentations, nothing to buy.

Blisstique Travel Gift Vouchers

Travel vouchers are a great way to grow your business, and attract new customers. The most popular ways to use vouchers is as travel incentives for employees or rewards to your customers and clients. The vouchers can be used as a way to let a customer know how valuable they are, and even sweeten the sale for a new customer. While purchasing travel vouchers can be a great value, their real value shows when you purchase them in bulk. Our travel gift vouchers are certificates that entitle the holder to discounted hotel stay, and they are only responsible for sales tax and other personal incurred incidentals. Take a look at the destinations available today to see just how well our vouchers can fill your company's needs.

How are "Travel Vouchers" used?

Gift with purchase and award programs-Motivates customers to purchase products or services from you, rather than your competitors or simply award them to your customers as a way of saying “Thank You for your business

Employee Reward programs

Large corporations and small business alike are using “Travel Vouchers” to increase the productivity of their employees. Use them as a “Job well Done” award or for perfect attendance, in fact they’re so affordably priced you can award them to every employee during staff building programs, or as Holiday bonuses.


Sweepstakes, Contests, Up-selling, Door Prizes, Limited Time Promotions, etc.....

As awards for these types of programs, “Travel Vouchers” can’t be beat with their high perceived value, universal appeal and low cost. They make the ultimate affordable prizes.

Effective with any type of business

  • Direct Sales Companies
  • Retailers
  • Network Marketing Companies
  • Mail Order Companies
  • Distributors and Wholesalers

Or any Business that wants to motivate or reward its customers and employees.

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